Where Main street meets

K Street


We were approached by veterans of Washington D.C. politics with decades of experience navigating the halls of congress to help them establish a visionary new firm that merged cutting edge technology with communications, advisory and public relations.


We had to position a start-up government relations firm in a way that stands out from the traditional, staid Washington lobbying and advisory firms in an unique and exciting way while still communicating the stability and experience of the founders.


Brand design, identity design, graphic design, web development

The lay of the political landscape

The canvas-style site structure, where the site pages are connected as if part of one giant fold-out map, creates a fluid navigation scheme between site sections.


We created a modern, but understated brand mark and identity with a colorful web presence that weaves in the frenetic Washington D.C. setting while communicating how the cut through the establishment clutter and red tape.