The science

of inspiration


Turnkey P2P, an innovative peer-to-peer fundraising company that leverages technology and social psychology to produce outcomes that outperform conventional fundraising models and programs for political candidates, needed a website that explained their business model and highlighted its powerful features.


We needed to convert hard data points into an emotionally compelling argument that resonated with the needs of political operations and educated them about the power of social psychology in creating a chain reaction of volunteerism and activism.


Brand design, identity design, graphic design, illustration, web development.

Putting a human face on the numbers

We created friendly, relatable illustrated characters to communicate statistics and psychological concepts, rather than dry data. This adds a playful touch and makes the info more memorable.


Based on the psychological dynamic of how each volunteer in turn creates many new ones, we created a brand mark based on the concept of the dandelion spread its seeds. We paired this with a responsive web presence that communicated the concepts behind the business model and featured a separate storytelling microsite that dove deeper into the key specifics.