A better you

in every bottle


When we were asked to create an entirely new product branding and labeling system for a new venture pitch, we jumped at the chance.
We delivered a presentation that impressed investors and suppliers, closed the deal and secured substantial initial funding for the new cold pressed juice company.


Being a purely conceptual pitch, we needed to create a professional and realistic product presentation for investors that was compelling enough to secure funding to launch the company.


Brand design and strategy, Identity design, web development.

A refreshing idea

The distinctive marketing feature of the product labeling system was the color-coded matrix where every ingredient had its own unique assigned color which made for easy visual reference as well as an eye catching and appealing bottle that stood out against its competitors.


We fused industrial design with identity design and created realistic bottle mockups with a unique product branding and labeling system. Together with a demo website, we delivered a presentation that brought the concept to life for investors and impressed them enough to secure substantial initial funding for the new cold pressed juice venture.